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Feeling constantly behind on your to-do work lists? We know that feeling! The emails pile up, the deadlines loom, and suddenly watching Netflix documentaries seem way more appealing. But we all know how dreadful it can be to end the day feeling a little incomplete and thinking you could’ve done more.

Nothing feels better than leaving work feeling accomplished and fulfilled. Here are top 5 hacks to help you conquer your to-do list (and maybe even leave the office early!

Silence Any Distractions

We all know the allure of that little red notification bubble. But constantly checking emails and social media can seriously derail your focus. Put your phone on silent, block social media sites during work hours, and savor the blissful peace of uninterrupted concentration.

Chunk it Like a Boss

Those giant, looming projects can feel paralyzing. Here’s the secret weapon: break them down into bite-sized chunks! Make a list of smaller, more manageable tasks, and tick them off with fierce satisfaction as you conquer each one. Trust us, that feeling of progress is like a productivity power-up.

Power Up with Breaks

Yes, you read that right. Taking breaks isn’t slacking off, it’s a productivity superpower! Get up, stretch your legs, grab a healthy snack, or chat with a colleague (just avoid getting stuck in a two-hour deep dive on the latest cat video). A refreshed mind is a focused mind, ready to tackle anything.

The Magic of Prioritization

Not all tasks are created equal. Learn to identify the high-impact ones that need your immediate attention, and schedule the less urgent ones for later. Master the art of prioritization, and watch your productivity soar like a productivity eagle (it’s a thing, trust us).

Find Your Focus Zone

We all have different times of day when our brains are firing on all cylinders. Identify yours – do you prefer to crush emails as soon as you clock in, or do you thrive in tackling reports when everything else is quiet?  Schedule your most demanding tasks for your peak focus times, and watch your efficiency skyrocket!

Join the most awesome team ever!

Okay, that wasn’t exactly subtle, but seriously, at TGT, we are all about creating a positive, supportive work environment where you can thrive. We believe in work-life balance and celebrating wins (big or small) together. So, if you’re an experienced professional looking to up your productivity game and be part of a team that values its people, we want to hear from you! 

Check out our careers page and see if there’s a perfect fit for your awesomeness. We look forward to meeting you!

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