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As we mature into our careers, our success and achievements become more important to us.  However, not every company or role paves the way to their success, unless it’s Techno Global Team. 

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We listed how we help our staff continuously grow into their success: 

Upskilling Programs 

With the world consistently evolving, our skills need to continue to move along and ahead of the times. Being provided the means to learn more (such as mentoring, workshops, brown bag sessions, etc) is crucial for one to continue to stay relevant and not be left behind. 

Recognitions and Feedback 

Receiving consistent and helpful feedback reinforces what you are doing well on, and what areas could be improved on. 

Getting this on a regular basis help one develops their skills and confidence to be their best version. We give you more than a pat on the back, but awards for a job well done. 

Salary Increase & Benefits 

To cope with the times, having a salary increase based on one’s performance is also important. Our perks (HMO, Life-Insurance, Employee Savings Programs, etc) are relevant to the times and better than the ones offered in the market. 

Engaging and healthy environment 

For us, it is not all about work. Our company engagement activities allow you to interact with life-minded individuals, regardless of their positions.  

We foster work relationships through open-door policies, listening to your thoughts, and supporting the development of each individual. 

Techno Global Team is a company that many choose to be the last company that they will transfer to. We understand that it’s stressful to move, but we make it easy through our virtual recruitment process and positive onboarding experience. 

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