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Let us guess… chances are, either you or someone in your circle of friends are looking for IT positions or considering other IT related jobs. 

Did we get it right? We got a tip from a popular job board platform that many are exploring a career in IT, whether they are in the IT industry or not.

Because of the pandemic, many companies all over the world need to undergo digital transformation and adapt new cybersecurity measures. 

As more businesses to upscale their tech, the more companies (managed service providers or MSP) are emerging and thriving.  

That is why more IT related jobs are flooding the job boards all over the world, and here in Techno Global Team, we aim to get more of those IT job openings filled by our fellow Filipinos. 

So landing a career in IT should be easy right? The answer is both a “Yes” and a “Maybe.” 

The Misconception of Entering a Career in IT 

First, let’s clear up one major misconception: Having a career in IT means I need in-depth IT skills. 

An IT company could have many roles to fill, and some of them require little to no in-depth understanding of hard IT skills. 

Non-IT Career Paths in the IT Industry 

There are several entry points that you could get into to start a career in an IT company. Here are some of them: 

Sales – From appointment setting to business development to account management, these are ideal for those who are great with persuasion and enjoy connecting with people.  

Accounting – Bookkeepers, accountants and other finance-related roles. 

Human Resources – As the demand for IT positions increases, finding them, onboarding them and engaging with them is crucial.  

Administration – With the company growing, so is the number of administrative tasks to complete. 

“Yes,” there are plenty of openings in the IT Space 

There is an abundance of openings, which means an increase in chances of getting hired. However, it is important to find a role that suits your talent and skillset. 

When it’s a “Maybe” 

Mind you that despite the abundance of roles that need to be filled, there is still competition for that role.  

Adding more relevant skills (such as from online courses and the likes) could help give you the advantage that you need. 

For the time-being, a career in IT is foreseen as one of the most stable career paths that one could take, and many cases, it is also lucrative.  

Want to learn what roles you fit with us? Visit our TGT Careers Page today. 

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