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A healthy employee is a happy employee! That’s why we recently hosted a flu vaccination and blood donation drive, putting our commitment to employee wellness front and center. These events are more than just health measures—they’re a big part of our company culture.

Fighting the Flu, One Shot at a Time

With flu season just around the corner, we wanted to make it easy for our team to stay healthy. Enter our on-site flu vaccination clinic!

No need for appointments or running around town—our employees got their flu shots right here at the office. The turnout was fantastic, proving once again that our team is all about staying strong and healthy.

Giving Back: Blood Donation Drive

But we didn’t stop there. Partnering with the Philippine Red Cross, we hosted a blood donation drive right in our office. Giving blood is a small act with a huge impact, and we were blown away by the number of employees who rolled up their sleeves to help out. It was a great day of giving back and feeling good about making a difference.

Wellness: It’s in Our DNA

We’re all about taking care of our team in every way possible. Here’s a peek at some of our other wellness programs:

  • Mental Wellness Webinar – We offer counseling services and plenty of resources to keep minds healthy.
  • Fitness Programs – We’ve arranged several fitness activities throughout the year to keep our teams healthy.
  • Health Screenings – Our periodic health screenings offer employees a convenient way to monitor their well-being, catch potential issues early, and get expert advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Looking Ahead

We’re always looking for new ways to support our team’s well-being. Whether it’s through more wellness programs or exciting new initiatives, we’re committed to making our company a place where health and happiness thrive. It’s just one more way our ViTAL employee experience program ensures our team stays in top shape.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our flu vaccination and blood donation drive. Stay tuned for more wellness updates coming your way!

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